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After the successful conference we organized on Saturday 21 December 2013 on "Strengthening the Position of English in Morocco for Development Purposes," we invite you to find herein a Hespress article by President Abdelmajid Hajji, defending the English language in Morocco. We did not want to let the occasion pass without spreading the message further to the Arabophones (who matter most and are in need) that the debate about English should commence.

Now that the call is out, let us support the efforts toward transitioning into English for (the rest of) Moroccans!

Here is the link to the article:



  Excerpt from an interview with Minister and Government spokesman Mr. Mostapha Khalfi, and MFAA Vice President Ms. Saloua Zerhouni, during the MFAA's 9th Annual Conference on the theme "Media Integration: an ideal and an instrument for greater cooperation", December 2012.